As the fast-food breakfast wars rage on, Chick-Fil A is busting out a new menu item that it hopes will be a game-changer: chicken and waffles.

Business Insider reports that that Atlanta-based chain is currently serving the dish—boneless, seasoned chicken breast served alongside a maple syrup-flavored waffle, with a side of honey”in central Georgia (Macon, Dublin, and Warner Robins); Memphis; Philadelphia; and Inland Empire, CA.

While we’d go for a biscuit over a waffle, the tried-and-true combo makes sense. More distressing is the news that CFA is also testing other, healthier breakfast items like an egg-white chicken grill sandwich, a Greek yogurt parfait, oatmeal, and cinnamon swirl pastries. And “speciality coffee,” of course.

In today’s hybrid-food obsessed world, turning the waffles into buns for a sandwich might have been a better marketing move. Burger King knows what’s up:


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