Earlier this year, we brought you The Complete Guide to Wu Tang-Inspired Foods (you’re welcome).

The saga continues with Falside‘s edible homages to Wu Tang Clan. We spoke to the music producer and found out what inspires him to create Wu symbols out of everything from pancakes to peanut butter. He says,

“About two years ago I was stoned making a sandwich while listening to 36 Chambers. I thought it would be funny to cut the ham into the Wu logo. I went through four pieces of ham and cut my pinky before crafting up the perfect piece. I posted it on Instagram and my followers ate it up, so I decided to make some more, including non-food Wu art using shit like Shaving cream, dollar bills, and wood.”

Originally from Providence, RI, Falside has worked with talented folks like Action Bronson and Juan Deuce, and humble ingredients like sugar and Carolina rice. Take a peek at his awesome Wu Tang-Inspired food art below.

wu8wu9'wu6wu3wu5wu7wu2wuNow, listen to Falside’s “Lobster” track while contemplating your love for Wu Tang. Happy Wu Wednesday!