People don’t just eat weed when they get busted by the cops. Inventive stoners have been cheffing up “you know what would be cool?” munchie-fueled mashups forever. But as marijuana’s been cleared for medicinal use in 23 states (and OKed for recreational use in two) both home chefs and trained pros have been able to come clean about—and turn a profit with—stovetop canna exploits that go well beyond pouring a bag of shake into a Duncan Hines mix.

The boundaries of weed cooking are being pushed both out of demand for easy-to-consume painkillers and via the know-how of trained cooks, like Chef Amber at Greenway Compassionate Relief in Santa Cruz, CA. Amber was a pastry chef who specialized in high-end wedding cakes before her bout with cancer shifted her focus. She’s now won three straight High Times Cannabis Cups with entries like delicate weed-laced blueberry and almond biscotti, and gone on to share a killer pesto lasagna online; this is all food you wouldn’t have to be high to want to eat. More and more, the community of canna-centric chefs are sharing their recipes online on sites like High TimesPsychadelicatessen blog, but falling into the same Google searches that yield bullshit hippie food like this.

The boundaries of weed cooking are being pushed

“There’s a lot of really crappy recipes out there,” says Laurie Wolf, the former food editor at Mademoiselle and Child magazines, who trained at Culinary Institute of America. With over 20 years as a food stylist and cookbook author under her belt, Wolf now contributes pot recipes to the Denver Post and runs Laurie and Mary Jane, a Portland, OR-based medibles company which trades in everything from cookies to iced coffee. Wolf was kind enough to give us us a couple of pointers.

“There are certain cooking methods that really don’t work, like deep frying—the heat is too great and it will kill the THC. I bake under 350° F. I sauté low. I don’t want anything to boil.”  Since most canna-meals begin with a weed-infused oil (or butter or mayo), Wolf suggests cranking up the other flavors if you’re working with a recipe where the fat will be emulsified (for example, weed chimichurri) rather than interact with heat. If all that’s too much for your test kitchen, she offers a simplified directive: “Keep tasting and try not to swallow.”

Here are 10 edibles recipes that it doesn’t take a pothead to appreciate.

Banana-Canna Bread

bananaRecipe: Weedist

This breakfast staple could be fresh from Grandma’s oven if G’ma happens to have some cataracts and a dispensary ID card. It even contains the option of double-dosing or subbing in medicinal applesauce for a low-cholesterol version. (Photo: Weedist)

Biscuits and gravy


Recipe: High Times

Arizona-based medibles entrepreneur Jacob Highyet learned to make flaky biscuits and stick-to-your ribs pork sausage from his mama, then laced them both to give a whole new meaning to the term comfort food. (Photo: High Times)

Canna soda

tincRecipe: Eat Your Cannabis

This one packs a double wallop in a yummy cocktail that should be sipped slooooooowwwwwly, since it’s based on a cannabis tincture that starts with grain alcohol. (Photo: Eat Your Cannabis)

Monkfish and Green Congee

backyard_bite_420_LQ_SK_weed_dinner05-500x333Recipe: Backyard Bite

Chef Laurent Quenioux created this dish in 2013 for a 4/20 dinner that brought a five-course, five-star cannabis-laced menu to a pop-up location in L.A. (Photo: Backyardbite)

Ice cream


Recipe: Katy Peetz via

Roberta’s in Brooklyn has long been a haven for people who want to ingest weed in the tastiest way possible. Pastry chef alum Katy Peetz shared her recipe for dosed ice cream which will probably start a vicious cycle of the nomnoms. (Photo: Fader)

Huevos tostada with veggies

Image via Bruce Wolf

Recipe: The Cannabist

This is remix of a Mexican standard is what happens when you arrive at Wolf’s house looking for a gluten-free option. (Photo: Bruce Wolf)

Crab Cakes

ccRecipe: Eat Your Cannabis

Because crab cakes.

Kale salad in brown vinaigrette


Recipe: The Stoner’s Cookbook

The basis for a endlessly customizable salad than can be tossed with pretty much any vegetable combo for the greenest meal humanly possible. (Photo: The Stoner’s Cookbook)

Aunt Sandy’s Blue Sky Lemon Bars

barsRecipe: Sandy Moriarty

Sandy Moriarty, a 60-something professor battling hypertension, teaches nutrition and cooking with edibles at Oaksterdam University, a Calif.-based consortium that educates people on getting into the legalized weed trade. She’s got some adorable web tutorials but her in-person classes stick to signature recipes like her honey glazed ham and infamous Blue Sky Lemon Bars, which provided the jumping off point for Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook. (Photo

Griddled deviled eggsgrillRecipe: The Cannabist

Another Wolf creation, this time based on a recipe from a familiar neighborhood haunt that she tweaked for maximum OMFG-ness. (Photo: The Cannabist)

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