Melbourne-based pop-up restaurant Jafflechutes—the three-man team behind the world’s “first float-down eatery”—is making its epic return to New York City. Adam, David, and Huw have stunned the world with their forward-thinking delivery concept by dropping airborne sandwich orders to their customers. (1)

Just a little FYI: a “jaffle” is an Australian pressed sandwich that is sealed on all sides, essentially the equivalent of an American grilled cheese. You can order a cheese and tomato jaffle ($5), or a cheese and ham ($6).

This is what a handmade jafflechute looks like:

And this is how the Jafflechute process works: First, order a jaffle via PayPal, select a time, then wait at the “X” marked outside the secret location for the drop-off.

The marked “X” location, as seen on their Twitter page.

(All photos via YouTube)

The team has made previous jaffle drops in Bushwick, Williamsburg, and the West Village, but this time, it will specifically make drops at Greenpoint bar The Diamond in early September.

As soon as they announce the operation date on their Twitter page, you can pre-order a sandwich. We hear from The Diamond that they’ll be dropping 30 to 40 sandwiches right in their yard from the bar’s rooftop, and each hand-wrapped sandwich will be labeled with the name of the customer.

Here’s the lovely video made by Klaus and Fritz of the Jafflechute experience:

[via Jafflechutes]

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