Since becoming a YouTube sensation, foulmouthed home cook/host of the “realest cooking show on the Internet” Auntie Fee has taken some time to address the haters and to let us all know that Oprah is the only one out there she can trust.

She’s already been hit up by the likes of late night show host Jimmy Kimmel and the producers of the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black, but it looks like she’ll have to school many an interested party on how to properly say her name.

In a clip filmed by TMZ next to The Garbage Truck (was she guest cheffing there, by any chance?), she corrects TMZ founder Harvey Levin, saying that the word “aunt” is actually pronounced like “ain’t.” 

Her words of wisdom don’t end there. In the video below, she gives the recipe for fighting off wrinkles.

“You gotta get some grits and gravy and grease and shit in your stomach,” she says to the TMZ founder. “It’ll stop the wrinkling of yo’ ass.”

She then invites him to “come on over to the hood,” and says, “I’ma wash the chicken with some fucking bleach.”

[via YouTube]