When World Star Hip Hop calls something the “realest cooking show on the Internet,” you know that what you’re about to see is a far cry from the pristine, made-for-TV kitchen of Giada De Laurentiis. But even that accolade (and yes, it’s an accolade) doesn’t do justice to the zero-fucks-given hilarity of Auntie Fee (née Felicia A. O’Dell), whose expletive-ridden DIY home-cooking videos have turned her into an overnight sensation.

In addition to 300,000 views on WSHH, the following clip—titled “Sweets Treats for the kids”—has amassed more than 800,000 views on YouTube.

Auntie Fee has already gone triple Internet platinum off of…what the hell is that? The awesome part is, she doesn’t even know (“I don’t what the fuck this is,” she tells her camera man. “It’s just something sweet for the fucking kids.”) At Felicia’s house, cooking for her family is a constant game of culinary freestyling, and she’s got the ad libs and get-it-done attitude to make it work.

For those of who grew up with Martha Stewart-brand perfectionism on TV, Auntie Fee’s do-what-you-want approach is refreshing—it’s like the cooking show equivalent of Martha’s food photos, rather than her well-scrubbed media empire.

And it only gets better in the savory department. If “Aunt Fee Sweet Stuff” is Felicia at her improvisational best, “How to feed Seven people with just $3.35″ is her “Control” verse:

While not all of the food looks delicious (Awesomely Luvvie describes it as “Cooking for Bae come to life“), it’s hard not to love Auntie Fee’s no-nonsense style in the kitchen. Cutting boards and measuring cups have no place in her arsenal. She’ll season a pork roast right on the counter, and most instructions are quickly amended with a reminder that you can do whatever the hell you want (“If you don’t have crescent rolls, you can use any type of cheap-ass doughnuts”). They way she constantly berates the camera man (presumably a younger family member), telling him to make sure he keeps up with her technique, is endlessly amusing.

Remember that Food Network stars with multi-million dollar contracts have given us this and this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Auntie Fee’s creations are tastier and healthier than those monstrosities, so instead of balking at her anti-foodie approach, I salute her for cooking frugally and having fun in the kitchen. I can only pray that Trick Daddy and Auntie Fee will team up for their own cooking show.

The Best Auntie Fee Quotables

On cheese: “Kids and fat people like a lot of cheese.”

On seasonings: “It’s optional to use this shit.”

On how long to cook frozen chicken wings: “Cook for three hours if you want it to fall of the motherfuckin’ bone—I swear this shit will.”

On dried parsley: “This motherfucker make any motherfuckin’ thing taste good.”

On naming her creations: “Goddamit, I ain’t got no motherfuckin’ name for it yet, motherfucker!”

On following to her instructions: “I tell you everything because I don’t want you motherfuckers calling me about a motherfuckin’ thing.”

On haters: “Tell ’em I’m a G.”

On knowing when a dish is done. “This bitch is ready!”

Auntie Fee responds to Internet bullies

You know you’ve made it when you have haters, and Auntie Fee has her fair share of them. Being on World Star will do that for you. Thankfully, Auntie Fee has thick skin and a few choice words for the critics.

Even more Auntie Fee!

  • Auntie Fee on Facebook (haters, fall back!)
  • Sista Girls on Facebook (more cooking videos that aren’t on YouTube yet!)
  • The Sista Girls website, where you can find bedazzled soap dispensers that look like high heels and incredible gift baskets that Auntie Fee puts together. Definitely asking for this one when Christmas rolls around:


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