New culinary sensation Auntie Fee (a.k.a. the Julia Child of Struggle Plates, a.k.a. Miss Fuck Your Feelings, a.k.a. The People’s Champ) could have slunk back into obscurity after her homespun, expletive-ridden cooking videos blew up last week. A million-plus YouTube views can leave you exposed to some nasty barbs from the Internet Hate Brigade, but thankfully Auntie Fee is a self-proclaimed G and could give a damn about a hater.

And so, just like fellow queens Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, she casually dropped some certified fire out of nowhere over the weekend. This one goes by the name of “The Egg Rolls” and it’s chock-full of everything we’ve come to love about Auntie Fee: copious profanity, lots of yelling at Tavis (who emerges as a bit of a rabble-rouser here), and some budget-friendly tips for turning last night’s leftovers into a whole new meal.

auntiefee_dance 2

Also of note: Apparently, Jimmy Kimmel is trying to book Auntie Fee on his show. We can surmise this because she spends some time talking about “Jimmy Kimmy” at the beginning of the clip, suggesting that she’s not going to go on ABC until he learns how to pronounce “auntie” the way she’d like him to.

Either way, Auntie Fee made it clear on Twitter that she’s ready take advantage of the momentum she’s garnered in the past few days. And at very least, these pork-chop-and-french-fry egg rolls are a clear indicator that she could do R&D for Guy Fieri’s next restaurant.

Spoiler alert: There is an amazing Baby Boy reference in this episode.

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