If you haven’t yet discovered the time-sucking black hole of fascination that is Yelp Trends, here’s how it works: Type in any search keyword and choose your city, and you’ll get a graph showing how much that keyword was used in Yelp reviews over the years.

You can search up to three keywords at once, and as Eater discovered, the graphs reflect the waxing (cronuts, craft beer, gluten free) and waning (cupcakes, PBR, tasting menu) of food trends pretty accurately.

While there may not be a ton of groundbreaking new data, it’s immensely satisfying to receive an illustrated vilification of what you already knew to be true, like the fact that Brooklyn is the new cool.

Parisian Yelpers are increasingly obsessed with Brooklyn, as this graph shows.


But for Brooklynites, Paris is sooo 2006.


It’s also no surprise that Chicagoans and New Yorkers talk about pizza more than burgers and tacos.


But what is interesting is that Angelenos are almost equally into all three, privileging burgers slightly above the rest.pizzaLA

Los Angeles is also the most self-obsessed city when compared with San Francisco and New York—a truism so self-evident it’s hardly worth mentioning.


L.A. Yelpers talk about their own city almost to the exclusion of the other two, but it seems like the rest of us are buying into it: Los Angeles is the second most mentioned city in both San Francisco and New York reviews.



Although to be fair, the graph doesn’t tell you if those mentions are preceded by an expletive or not.

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