Spanish chef and physicist Manuel Linares has created an ice cream made completely with natural ingredients that changes color when you lick it. It’s hard to imagine something like this doesn’t require an artificially-engineered additive or ingredient, but it doesn’t.

Christened “Xamaleón,” the ice cream reportedly tastes like nothing more than a blend of fruits. Starting out a baby blue color, the ice cream is sprayed down before being handed to customers with a layer of “love elixir,” as Linares calls it, which makes the ice cream turn a dark purple color in 10 to 15 seconds.
Linares explains the only thing behind the chameleon-like nature of the ice cream is chemistry. “Any food can change color depending on temperature and oxidation,” he said.

We’re not sure which component loses its electrons in the process to transform the ice cream’s hue, but we’re certain it’s the doing of that perplexing elixir.

In the meantime, he’s keeping the recipe to himself—because why wouldn’t he?—since he’s looking to patent it. However, be on the lookout for two new helado inventions by Linares: one that will respond to ultraviolet lights in clubs, and one that will turn from pink to white all on its own.

[via Design TAXI, Sploid