Episode 8 of Mario Batali’s Hulu series, The High Road with Mario Batali, features actor Mike Myers submitting to an inquisition from The Orange Clogged One at the top of the Washington Square Arch. He describes what it was like being the new guy on the comedy scene, explains why it would be fun to be a goose, and talks proudly of inspiring Canadian figures.

Myers lists Pierre Trudeau—the Canadian Prime Minister the 60s, 70s, and early 80s—as one of his real-life heroes.

“Trudeau legalized marriage, divorce, and a woman’s right to choose in one piece of legislation,” he says (something which, as Batali jokingly points out, America has yet to wrap its head around).

He continues to say of his home country,

“I love coming from a place where nobody knows anything about it, and I can make up legend and lore. I could invite people for Canadian Christmas and they would believe that it was in a different month.”

Speaking of his first New York experience, the actor remembers that he ordered a mattress and ribs as soon as he arrived—”The mattress beat the ribs.”

Batali and Myers don’t go out for a meal in this episode, but they do play a fierce game of beer pong below the arch in Washington Square Park.

“I feel like I can kick your a** at it,” says Myers before the showdown.

[via Hulu]