We get that there are a number of factors that go into an individual person’s obesity—let alone any given population’s. Still, we’re sure this attempt to tie the two things together doesn’t really surprise anyone who’s seen the menu.

Here’s that map, in all its glory:

obesity waffle house overlay

Photo: Mapsontheweb

After all, we’re talking about a place that—besides the waffles in its name—prides itself on offering its hash browns with eight different toppings.

You can also skip the middleman and just get those hash browns “all the way,” which means that they’re scattered across the grill, then smothered in cheese, mushroom, tomatoes, jalapeños, and chunks of ham. Finally, they’re topped with Bert’s Chili, a WH staple, and sausage gravy.

What does Waffle House say about its nutritional information?

There’s a page on their site for that. It says,

While Waffle House does not currently publish nutritional information, we want you to know that most of the food we serve in the restaurants is the same food you buy for your family at your local grocery store. Did you know that Waffle House serves Jimmy Dean Sausage and Smithfield Bacon?

Waffle House does try to help a little bit by offering two different sizes of pie, so it’s not like they don’t care about your expanding waistline.

But one of Waffle House’s other notable achievements is that it’s open 24 hours. The drunker you are, the more you crave grease—it’s just a fact. Also, the less likely you are to care about calories. These are the perfect environs for all-the-way hashbrowns with a side of biscuits n’ gravy (topped with 4 eggs over-easy, please) to thrive.

This Yelp review sums it all up:

waffle house review

Photo: Yelp

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