You would think that declaring your love for tofu on a license plate is totally acceptable, but that all depends on how you phrase it. Recently, the Tennessee Department of Revenue rejected a Murfreesboro resident Whitney Calk’s choice for a vanity plate, which she wanted to read “ILVTOFU.” 

Calk is an animal lover and PETA employee, and she felt the custom plate would be a good opportunity for her to show her support for the cause. Apparently, she didn’t consider the potentially obscene interpretation of her phrasing—perhaps not surprising for someone whose last name could easily be read as a homophone for a part of the male anatomy.

According to a WKRN News report, the DMV rejects plates “of an obscene nature, gang related or unacceptable for a similar reason,” often using Urban Dictionary to cross-reference applications again inappropriate slang terms. Calk was informed that her plate was rejected because it was too vulgar.

After contacting the department in hopes that they would reconsider, Calk let it slide and settled for a regular plate.

“[I] don’t need another rejection from the DMV, that’s for sure,” she joked. “It does make you wonder if there is a set of rules that everybody is following,” she told WKRN.

Maybe she should have gone for ILVKALE instead.

Here’s the complete news report:

By the way, don’t miss the next-level local news graphics at the 1:05 mark—strong work, WKRN.

[via WKRN News 2]