If you’re the type of person whose closet is loaded with SkyMall-approved kitchen appliances, you might be interested in the PantryChic Store and Dispense system. Inventor and entrepreneur Nicole Sollazzo came up with the idea for the fully-automated measuring system while struggling to bake a batch of cookies. Now, she’s got a Kickstarter campaign to make it a reality.

The machine comes with a number of handy functions for people who don’t want to have to weigh out ingredients themselves:

  • The dispensing system controls and precisely measures portions
  • The rectangular canisters allow for maximum storage space of your ingredients
  • The airtight seal preserves all of your dry ingredients
  • It weighs meats, protein powders, liquids, and more
  • The elimination of measuring cups means there’s minimal cleanup!

Here’s a brief description of each of the three different systems:
But that’s not all: Bluetooth technology is integrated into the system, allowing you to control the appliance from your tablet. The PantryChic also capable of reading recipes for you, then dispensing the correct list of measurements. Pretty soon we won’t have to get off the couch at all to bake a tray of brownies.

Watch the campaign video here.

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