If you ever wished that your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza thrower toy from back in the day was real, it’s time to celebrate. It turns out fans do some amazing things when they grow up and get jobs—like bringing your childhood dreams to life.

That’s Nerdalicious reports that this particular case of real life imitating a toy is based on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma chassis. It’s made from molded fiberglass, steel, and plywood, and is 12″ tall, 9″ wide, and 16″ long. It also weighs two tons and can reach a top speed of 75 mph.

The turret is powered by an electric wheelchair motor and uses a pneumatic ram to fire pizzas.

TMNT pizza thrower

Photo: Facebook/Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut released this video about the pizza thrower’s creation ahead of San Diego Comic-Con:

We have to say, that’s one way to promote a movie that has divided fans before it’s even out. The movie hits theaters August 8th, and the pizza thrower isn’t the only pizza-related promotion happening at SD Comic-Con:

If that isn’t enough to make you want to grab a slice, MTV put together this helpful guide to the Complete History of TMNT Pizza Product Placement.

It’s further proof that the turtles really think just like people: all pizza may not be good pizza, but no pizza is bad pizza.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]

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