Dr. Tom Povey, a real-life rocket scientist and professor of engineering at Oxford University, has developed a new and improved pan. What’s so revolutionary about it? The Flare pan heats up faster and uses 40% less energy than conventional saucepans.

But how? Stainless steel fins “channel heat from the flame across the bottom and up the sides of the pan, resulting in super efficient, even heat distribution.” This means the pans heat up significantly quicker so food cooks faster, saving time and using less energy. In fact, they cook about 44% faster than conventional pans, according to Povey.


Povey told the Telegraph,

“The problem with the current shape of the pan means a lot of the heat is dissipated into the air. So, it is an aerodynamic and heat-transfer problem, and we applied the science used in rocket and jet engines to create a shape of a pan that is more energy efficient.”

The Flare pan (saucepan, stockpot, and frying pan) is being manufactured and sold by Lakeland, a British kitchenware company. It was introduced for sale last week, but so far its only available in Britain. Although, it can be ordered through Lakeland’s website, with prices starting at $85 and going up to $145 for a stockpot. Delivery won’t begin until Aug. 25.

When he’s not creating award-winning cookware, Povey specializes in the design of high-efficiency cooling systems for next-generation jet engines. Badass.

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