Liam Mårskon, 20, was in for a real surprise when he fished an 18-pound pike out of the waters of Härjedalsfjällen, in northern Sweden, with his friends. Let’s just be up front here: The large fish had a half-eaten sausage trapped in its stomach, with the wrapper still on.

From the beginning, the fish looked like it was a weird one. Mårskon tells The Local, “We saw this really big pike but for some reason it just didn’t want to bite onto the hook. Normally pikes are quiet aggressive but this one was acting strange.”

So they decided not to fish it then and there. But they circled back when they decided that it looked a little too strange, and ultimately killed the fish because it looked like it was in pain. Mårskon continues,

“The shape of the fish was strange. It looked a bit like a cylinder and one of my friends said for a laugh, ‘there’s a sausage in there,’ but it turned out it was right. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Inside the pike was a half-eaten sausage still in the plastic wrapper. Somebody must have thrown it away and the fish must have been very hungry.”

The sausage was labeled as a falukorv, a popular sausage in Sweden that is typically served with rice and a creamy red sauce.

Below is a picture of Liam with his sausage-fish.


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