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Why Pine Nuts and Toothpaste Make Food Taste Disgusting [via WIRED]

“What’s up with things that alter our sense of taste?,” asks Greg Miller. The WIRED senior writer takes a closer look at the biology behind a few taste-altering foods, including artichokes, miracle fruit, pine nuts, and toothpaste. Want to hear something really cool? Scientists are trying to exploit taste oddities to make healthier foods that trick the brain into thinking it’s getting something more delicious than it really is.—Erin Mosbaugh

How Big Breweries Can Beat Craft Beer at Its Own Game [via Slate]

Sales of domestic industrial beers, like Budweiser and Miller, have plateaued and even started to show signs of declining. Craft beer is eating into the industry’s market share. What’s Big Beer to do? “If any executives at Budweiser and Miller are smart enough to see the opportunity, tart saisons, bourbon-barrel strong ales, and tropical New Zealand pale ales are free for the taking,” writes Pete Mortensen. Read on to find out why.—Erin Mosbaugh

How Domino’s Lost Its Mascot [via Priceonomics]

Wow…this is a crazy (and sad) story. The Domino’s “Noid” mascot (remember the red onesie-clad character who rolled around annoying people?) was a smash success for the company until an incident where a mentally unstable man—Kenneth Lamar Noid—brought a .357 magnum revolver into a Domino’s and held two employees hostage because he thought the campaign was targeted it at him. Who knew?

Restaurateur Ken Friedman on 10 Years of the Spotted Pig [via Bon Appetit]

A decade ago, Ken Friedman walked away from a respectable music career to run the NYC gastropub of his dreams. Friedman talks about the time Jay Z handed him a check for $50,000, the night U2 taught the Spotted Pig staff the proper way to pull a pint, and his philosophy that the real VIPs have always been the regulars.—Erin Mosbaugh

A Warming Trend in Restaurant Service [via WSJ]

One the heels of the first-even Welcome Conference, Jay Cheshes takes a look at the changing face of hospitality at restaurants. Restaurateurs like Gabe Stulman, Will Guidara, and Danny Meyer weigh in on the ways that front-of-house service can make or break a diner’s experience.—Chris Schonberger