This country has witnessed its fair share of dessert food fads throughout the years. Food trend stories have come and gone—but there is one tenacious snack item whose hype has yet to die down. It’s the cupcake.

And even though cupcakes have been hit hard recently (Crumbs Bake Shop recently declared bankruptcy, then there’s the rising popularity of doughnut mashup foods), they will forever remain number one in many people’s hearts. LeBron James knows what’s up, having recently apologized to his neighbors for all the free agency commotion with boxes of charity cupcakes.

The “new cupcake” labeling trend seems to have been created back in 2006 by a press release for Fairytale Brownies, which hailed brownies as “the new cupcake; the it dessert for 2006.” 

Since then, the term has been used all too freely: in March and April 2010, nine different publications called macarons the trendy “new cupcake,” and more recently, things like fro yo and popsicles have been put on the cupcake pedestal.

Below is a chart from Slate detailing the exact amount of times some popular foods have been labeled the “new cupcake” in publications. Big winners include the macaron, the pie, and the doughnut. 


As Slate so fittingly writes, “It’s convenient, it’s popular, and, like the cupcake trend itself, it refuses to die.”

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