Earlier this month an NYC restaurant employee’s Craigslist rant about customers Instagramming their food and then complaining about it getting cold went viral. But Iron Chef Jose Garces seems to have embraced his customers’ attachment to their smart phones. He might even be counting on it, supposes Philadelphia Inquirer critic Craig LaBan.

In his review of Garces’ high-end Volvér restaurant, he writes that midway through the 15-course tasting menu the waiter brought him a phone charger on a silver platter, asking

“Is your battery running low? A lot of people like to Instagram while they’re here, and we wouldn’t want you to run out of power.”

LaBan speculates that “for a grand luxe gambit that hasn’t exactly been packing the crowds in…any social-media buzz could be helpful.” There’s definitely some wisdom to Garces’ If You Can’t Beat ‘Em attitude to technology at the dinner table, but a waiter presenting a charger on a silver platter is downright Monty Python-esque.

New York Times critic Pete Wells recently recently bemoaned the fact that chefs are overly concerned with making food photogenic, wondering “Am I supposed to eat this or take its picture?”. At Volvér, the answer appears to be both.

[via Eater]

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