We eat by ourselves all the time, whether we’re grabbing a bacon, egg, and cheese on our way to work in the morning, or searing a steak for one at home. But going out to a sit-down restaurant to dine solo takes a certain level of dedication.

Actually, Korean net users have determined that it takes several levels of dedication. RocketNews24 posted this piece about the way you should rank your solo-dining skills. It’s a nine-level system that judges you by the kind of restaurant in which you’re dining solo—from eating noodles at a convenience store (level 1) to “Eating and drinking at a tavern all by yourself” (level 9).

For the record, we don’t count chilling alone on your couch with a bag of Doritos, because everyone does that.

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Here are the levels so you can find out where you rank.

  1. Eating instant noodles at a convenience store.
  2. Dining alone at a food court.
  3. Dining alone at an eatery.
  4. Solo fast food.
  5. Dining solo at a Chinese restaurant.
  6. Eating at a high-end Japanese or Korean traditional restaurant.
  7. Having a solo meal at a boisterous American diner.
  8. Dining alone at a yakiniku (barbecue/grilled meat) restaurant.
  9. Eating and drinking at a tavern all by yourself.

dining alone 3

Photo: Flickr/Guian Bolisay

We’re not sure we’d place “solo fast food” so high on the list, but apparently the fact that fast food restaurants are usually populated by families with kids running around is supposed to highlight your loneliness.

If you’re wondering why “dining solo at a Chinese restaurant” is a thing, that’s because in Korea, Chinese restaurants are primarily frequented by middle-aged men who roll solo.

Dining at a yakiniku place sounds more difficult than sad to us. We’re not sure how different KBBQ places are in Korea, but that meat gets piled so high at the ones here, we’re not sure how you’d eat it all by yourself. Maybe that’s a good place to go if you’re eating your feelings, though.

We would have thought taking yourself out to a high-end place would top the list, because that really seems to require an epic level of DGAF. Nope!


That’s, like, zen master levels of DGAF. If you’re gonna do it, do it.

[via RocketNews24]

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