PepsiCo Canada has invented a new product that will simultaneously entice and frighten you. Their new Doritos chip pack, aptly named “Doritos Roulette,” shuffles normal, cheesy, nacho-flavored Doritos chips with a handful of extremely spicy chips (25% of the bag, to be exact).

The “roulette” part of this game refers to the fact that the dangerously-spicy chips look no different than the ordinary ones. Unfortunately for those who want to try this out at home (in the way of GloZell), Roulette is currently only available in Canada

That doesn’t mean those in the US can’t have some fun. For now, watch the trending YouTube Doritos Roulette “challenge” videos, where people sit and eat as many of the chips as they can. Or, browse through Twitter selfie pics depicting contenders in various stages of agony, with the hashtag #burnselfie (PepsiCo decided to give $3,000 to the best selfie winner).

Or, just look at some of the best Doritos Roulette #burnselfies so far: 

[via The Daily Meal]