International fast food items are so much cooler than what we have in America *sigh*. Japan’s newest WTF offering? McDonald’s tofu nuggets.

A spokesperson promised the WSJ that McDonald’s Japan had plans to introduce the tofu nugget before the recent expired meat scandal. McDonald’s Japan, the country’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, recalled all product imports from nugget manufacturer Shanghai Husi Food Co.—in fact, the chain has cut ties completely with the supplier—just like many other large fast-food companies have done this past week.

Featuring tofu as the main ingredient, these new “Tofu Shinjo Nuggets” also include onions, soybeans, carrots, and minced fish. The nuggets retail for ¥249 ($2.44) for four pieces, are a “bit softer” than their chicken cousins, and are served with a ginger dipping sauce. The snack item is named after shinjo, a Japanese food made from fish paste, starch, and vegetables.

This isn’t the only vegetarian-friendly fast food item in Japan, oh no. Freshness Burger has a giant mushroom burger, and Okinawan chain Jef has goya (a type of bitter melon) burgers, rings, and omelets

Then there’s India, the undisputed king of innovative meatless fast-food options. Just take McDonald’s McAloo Tiki burger, a fantastic spicy potato sandwich that we crave on a daily basis.

The Tofu Shinjo Nuggets will be available (in Japan) starting this Wednesday.

[via WSJ]

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