After stirring up a storm with his recent free agency decision, LeBron James, widely regarded as the best basketball player in the world, has been quite conscious of the turbulence he’s caused. The brouhaha surrounding his announcement was witnessed most evidently, of all places, near his house in Bath, Ohio.

SB Nation reports,

“Random fans, cops, journalists—hundreds of people went to LeBron’s place of residence even though he wasn’t even in Ohio.” 

In his best efforts to cheer up the neighborhood, the player gave out boxes of cupcakes from his family foundation. There are two flavors: the “Just a Kid From Akron Cherry Cola Cupcake” with light coral-colored frosting, and the “Homecourt Chocolate Chunk Cupcake.” 

Here are the cupcakes, posted on the NBA subreddit:

And here’s his eloquently-written note of apology:

We think that James is becoming an integral spokesperson in reviving the “cupcake trend,” especially after Crumbs bakery shuttered its stores, got saved by an investor, and then vowed to reopen half of its stores. Hopefully these desserts—which serve a noble cause—will reignite a sorely missed passion for cupcakes.

[via SB Nation]