London-based creative team Bompas & Parr just staged a cookout on an artificial volcano, and our minds are officially blown. See what happens when 2,100°F molten liquid rock meets a a 10oz ribeye in the video below.

The duo worked with professor Robert Wysock at Syracuse University in New York. Wysock’s area of expertise is creating streams of man-made lava. No big deal.

The Bompas & Parr website explains the experiment in further detail,

“Go into the kitchen of a top steak restaurant and you’re likely to find a £18,000 Josper oven, favoured by chefs for its searing 300°C cooking temperature. At Bompas & Parr we didn’t think that was anywhere near hot enough, so last month we headed to Syracuse University in upstate New York, where Professor Robert Wysocki has over-clocked an industrial bronze furnace and is busy working up an expertise in creating artificial volcanos and streams of man-made lava.”

A little science behind why meat and heat are friends: When meat hits something scorching hot, the surface instantly begins to caramelize (or, more precisely, Maillard reaction occurs). With steak, this translates into the kind of deep, savory umami flavor that we crave on a deep level.

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[via designboom]

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