We can all attest that the Palestinian city of Ramallah in no way resembles the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

For starters, Bikini Bottom is rife with talking sea creatures and houses the beloved Nickelodeon characters of SpongeBob, Patrick Star, and Squidward. Nevertheless, Ramallah is soon to be home to an actual life-sized Krusty Krab restaurant (the opening date will be “shortly announced” on the restaurant’s Facebook page).

Palestinian company Salta Burgers is leading this endeavor, and has posted plenty of photos from the restaurant’s early construction days onto its Facebook page. Here’s an aerial view of the restaurant among neighboring buildings. It’s fitting right in:

Here are a couple more photos, courtesy of the Salta Burger-made Facebook page.

The restaurant will also be serving Mr. Krabs’ famous Krabby Patty Burger. Spongebob fans, feel free to pee your pants and buy your ticket to Palestine (except, do know that it’s not all fun, games, and burgers in Palestine right now).

[via BuzzFeed