South Korean soap operas provide the greatest amount of dramatic flair. Like, it’s not even a competition. In fact, they’re so popular outside the country that they hook in scores of foreign audiences. Simply put, all those high-running emotions and intensely expressive faces make the shows addictive.

This episode of Everybody, Kimchi! (about the kimchi-making business), for example, shows a mildly frightening struggle between two characters. One of them gets handed a monstrous slap on the face with a whole kimchi cabbage, and a sloppy mess ensues.

To be honest, anyone can enjoy watching this scene—there need not be a language barrier; just observe their frantic body expressions—summed up below in a few crucial moments. 

1. The fight begins: man doesn’t believe what lady has to say.
2. “But here’s the kimchi!” lady insists. “Sniff it for yourself.”
3. Culminating point—lady uses all her force to smite this non-believer.
4. Oh no, you didn’t.
5. Big Boss enters the room; awaits an explanation.
6. ^&%*#!!
7. Man gives kimchi one good, last thrust after lady and Big Boss leave. Boy, what a hot mess.

Here’s the full clip, posted by MBC

[via Kotaku]