Above is the most touching and beautifully-shot video ever made about a pizza delivery man. No Weather Productions follows Bill Meier, the bearded bike messenger for Best Pizza, as he balances pies on his handle bars while maneuvering through Brooklyn, all the while talking about life and his job.

The 50-year-old has been a bike messenger for 30 years—10 years in San Francisco and 20 in NYC. The life of a bike messenger isn’t an easy one. Bill has a 22-year-old son he doesn’t know, he’s facing homelessness, and past work-related injuries include a severed finger. Yet, Bill says, “The day I can no longer ride a bike better be the day I’m fucking dead.”


If Bill is delivering your pizza, it’s going to arrive quickly. He pedals furiously, because he knows that getting lukewarm pizza delivered is a buzzkill. He explains, “I like my pizza hot when I pay $20 for a cheese pie.”

Us too, Bill, us too.

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