Ramen is a very hip food, it is also a cultural icon and occasionally a burger bun. Potluck Video‘s “How Ramen Is Made” turns the spotlight on ramen noodles and their creation.

Potluck traveled to New Jersey and headed to Sun Noodle, a company that sells noodles to restaurants including Momofuku Noodle Bar, Chuko, Ramen Yebisu and asian grocery stores including H-Mart. Sun Noodle is a giant in the ramen industry, producing 20,000 servings of noodles and using 40,000 pounds of flour a day.


Watch the video to see how Sun Noodles cranks out massive quantities of ramen noodles, with 40 different types of dough and 150 styles of noodles all made from different amounts of wheat flour, salt, water, and kansui that are pressed, rolled into sheets, rested, and cut. Then find some ramen immediately because, let’s be honest, we’re always thinking about perfectly chewy, slurpable noodles.

[via YouTube/Potluck Video]

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