A new report from the Economic Policy Institute presents shocking financial statistics—the CEOs of the biggest restaurant chains in the US earn more within a day than their employees earn in an entire year. After extracting salaries from 25 of the biggest names in the fast-casual dining industry—including McDonald’s, Chipotle, and Starbucks—it’s evident that the average of $10.9 million earned by CEOs trumps the $18,880 per year made by restaurant workers.

At the top sits Starbucks, whose CEO reportedly raked in $137,565,325 this past year, beating out all others. The CEO of Yum! Brands (which operates chains including KFC and Taco Bell) comes in not even as a close second, taking home $21,273,912.

Click here to see how much other fast food big bosses make, or check out the full chart below.


Photo: Mother Jones

And here is chart showing just how much the ratio of CEO to employee salaries has risen over the past few years:
Photo: EPI

Fast food workers from major cities marched in strikes in May to demand higher wages—specifically, for a $15-an-hour minimum wage. This movement has become a global one, inciting protests in cities including Tokyo, Seoul and London.

[via Economic Policy Institute, Mother Jones]