Drunk friends are the best (and worst) friends you can possibly have—especially when you’re drunk as well.

Apparently Twitter user @Tommyy_Warren, of Bristol, England, was out drinking with his mate @Andyminchin when the above tattoo happened.

Andy took to Twitter to share his friend’s new, embarrassing ass tattoo with the world.

Then he tweeted a pic to Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter account, which prompted this response from Ramsay:

While Ramsay pointed out the misspelling of his name, he did not deny the fact that he loves Ketamine.

Naturally, the photo generated numerous LMFAO reactions in the Twitterverse:

Maybe we’ve all got it wrong, though. It turns out there’s actually a parody Twitter account using the name “Gordon Ramsey.” The account has over 31K followers, too.

parody ramsay


Maybe this guy isn’t really a Ramsay fan at all, and this is all an elaborate joke?

Nah, it’s probably just a really unfortunate tattoo.

[via Grubstreet]

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