Over the Fourth of July weekend, California Heritage Market hosted the L.A.’s first-ever medical marijuana farmers market. Over 16,000 people attended, each carrying the official medical marijuana card they needed to get in.

Cannabis activist Cheryl Shuman talks about the overwhelming turnout on LAist: “We’re witnessing history. They talk about the dot com boom? This is the pot com boom.”

Around 50 vendors attended, displaying plants, food, oils—virtually anything you can think of that makes use of medical marijuana. LAist reports that when Shuman arrived at 10 am, over 4,000 people were already in line.

In a separate LAist piece, executive director Paizley Bradbury outlines the mission of the market:

“For a long time, the only access patients had, especially in L.A., was to go to a dispensary. We see a lot of problems with having that power over patients’ access to medicine whether that be price or vendors and who they choose. I feel like a lot of the power should be shifted to those who are actually growing so that first-time patients can talk to the growers and the growers can cut out the broker price.”

Shuman agrees, and is doing all she can to boost medical marijuana’s image in the mainstream. She adds, “A lot of people have this image of marijuana people as gangs. One of the things I’ve worked really hard at is to mainstream this because most of the real people in the marijuana industry are people who have been impacted by personal experience.”

la medical marijuana market

Photo: Twitter/@ABC7

Looks like Shuman is doing something right, considering 16,000 card-carrying cannabists attended the market.

The medical marijuana farmers market is part of the greater California Heritage Market, and is accessible to medical marijuana cardholders every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm at the West Coast Dispensary, located at 1500 Esperanza St. in Boyle Heights.

[via LAist, NBC Los Angeles]

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