YouTube cooking show Epic Meal Time (“The Internet’s cooking show for smart people”) always delivers. The hosts aim not just to please, but to cook, plate, and consume monstrous, ridiculously-caloric mashup foods. They also promote eating copious amounts of bacon.

Some of the most popular videos on the EMT channel include the Fast Food Lasagna, the Maximum Mac & Cheese, and the 84 Egg Sandwich. From looking at these names alone, you get what they’re all about.

Led once again by ringmaster Harley Morenstein (a.k.a. “The Sauce Boss”), the EMT team has set out to build the Patriot Burger, just in time (but not really at all) for the Fourth of July. The video was released on July 7—well after America’s Independence Day—but the post is still relevant. The EMT folks’ wish viewers a “happy July 4th on July 8th, cause we were too busy recovering from partying on July 1st.”


The Patriot Burger is a ground buffalo burger stacked between three custom buns: an apple pie “made to sit atop [the] burger like a delicious crown,” a beer dough bun in the middle, and a pizza-stuffed bun at the bottom. The huge patty is topped with cheese, a ring of corn dogs, and mounds of bacon.

Maybe you’ll lose your appetite after viewing this video, or maybe you’ll attempt to build The Patriot Burger at home. Your call.

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