Ah, ‘Murica. The land of the free and the home of the 24-hour-McDonald’s locations where you can satisfy that 5am McNuggets craving.

The land where, apparently, some McDonald’s employees really pissed off Twitter user @gregeezy. Greg felt obliged to share his McNuggets-fulled rage with the world, and tell his sweet ‘n sour sauce story, with the Twitterverse.

As the story progressed, we learned an important lesson: the bigger the fuccboi you are, the more you have to tweet about it.

Then @gregeezy wanted to make sure Mickey D’s employees know where they stand in the grand scheme of things. What. An. A**.

After he got the nuggets, then the REAL trouble started.

This guy takes his sauce very, very seriously.

Finally, deciding to just end the pain, the manager gave in and got the man his 500 sauces. Why he just didn’t hit up a 24-hour grocery store and buy the equivalent of 50 sweet and sour sauces for way less than $50, we’ll never know.

Then came the part where it’s a lot funnier if you hear it in Joe Pesci’s voice.

And another Twitter user said what we’re all thinking.

Still another Twitter user commiserated.

But some people are never satisfied, and their legacy will go on to brighten the lives of even more undeserving Mickey D’s employees.

And all that over some sweet ‘n sour sauce.