YouTube user LA Beast is either insane or enlightened—guess it depends on how you look at it. He always finds a way to live up to his channel motto: “Warning: do not try what I do at home.”

Previously, he’s eaten a ghost chili pepper and a cactus, but in this video he drinks a gallon of honey. Oh, and did we mention he does this while having a couple thousand bees cling on to his face?

It’s going to be all right, though, since he was acting under the guidance of “David,” from A Beeman Services, who has been an expert beekeeper since 1979. “He assured me that as long as I’m calm, the bees will be calm,” says Beast. So really, the only tough part was drinking the gallon of honey, which he detests.

During the gruesome experiment he decides to take an uncomfortable “bee beard” selfie, and manages to utter, almost in tears, “This tastes so bad.”

Just remember the words of the Beast, “Mind over matter,” in trying times. Or when you’re attempting incredibly stupid food challenges.


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