Picture this: you’re in an airport, waiting at baggage claim to reclaim your stuff. All that matters is grabbing your bags and getting the hell out of there. Now, also imagine that you are DMX.

Then some dude comes up to you, sticks a microphone and a camera in your face, and starts asking you some punk-ass questions. Sometimes, we’re glad we’re not celebrities—especially after really long, annoying flights.

DMX, though, decided to have some fun with the interviewer. While he appeared to give serious consideration to the dog food-related questions posed by TMZ, it’s obvious by the end that he’s messing with the dude, while still being totally accommodating. You can tell Dark Man X was putting his acting skills to good use, especially when he jokes that he once fed his dog a human (was he joking?).

Still, if he’s serious about crafting tasty canine cuisine fit to share with his dogs, we think he might want to look into some of Rachael Ray’s dog recipes. We have it on good authority—from an actual dog—that DMX could do a lot better than Iams.

[via hiphopwired]