In Boulder, Colorado, there’s been a history of bear problems. Just last year, four bears were euthanized because they couldn’t stop coming around the Boulder population and raiding trash bins. That’s bad for both people and bears. 

So the Boulder City Council decided to do something about it. One thing they’re trying is insisting on bear-resistant trash cans. Local waste disposal company Western Disposal has taken on the challenge.

How do you know your waste bins are bear-proof? Simple. You test them on some bears. The Inquisitr reports that Yellowstone National Park currently hosts the country’s only such testing facility for garbage disposal bins, staffed entirely by rescued bears that live on the premises.

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center testing coordinator Randy Gravatt told ABC News, [pullquote]”We put the bear’s favorite food inside [of the can] and it has 60 minutes of pushing, biting, and chewing….If they do not get in after 60 minutes and the latch is still intact, the product can be labeled ‘bear resistant.'”[/pullquote]

Gravatt cautions that while making something ‘bear-resistant’ is possible, he’s not sure it could ever be more than that. He said, “It’s impossible to really ‘bear-proof’ something. Give a bear 24 hours and it could get into almost anything.”

Here are some more photos of the bears’ rigorous testing process, courtesy of Western Disposal.

bears testing garbage cans 2 bears testing garbage cans 3 bears testing garbage cans 4 bears testing garbage cans 5 bears testing garbage cans

With moves like these, those bears could totally join the WWE if they tried.

[via the Inquisitr, ABC News]

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