Nothing brings people together like cooking. Chinese and Russian chefs banded together for the sake of tourism (and entertainment) in the Chinese border town of Suifenhe to make a Guinness World Records attempt.

They used a 111-meter-long (364-foot-long) metal skewer, which PeopleDaily says was chosen to mark the 111-year-long history of Suifenhe in Heilongjiang Province. The kebab cookers seasoned and packed on 300 kilos (or just over 661 pounds) of sliced pork onto the metal skewer.


Photo: IndiaTVNews

PeopleDaily reports that the kebab was then cooked on a gigantic burner made from a converted part of abandoned rail section—sanitized first, and thoroughly inspected by food safety workers—from the Chinese Eastern Railroad that runs through the city. This railway is an important part of city life, so its use was both practical and symbolic.

After the meat missile was thoroughly cooked, hundreds of Suifenhe residents and tourists alike were invited to feast on kebab until they couldn’t take any more. This event was part of the fourth annual Chinese-Russian Tourism Festival that the city has held.

While impressive, this kebab is far from the only incredibly-long meat stick in the world. Here are a couple more gigantic carnivorous treats that you might not want to show your vegetarian friends:

Ishigaki’s 107.6-meter (353 foot) Beef Mega-Kabob

japan world's longest kebab

Photo: Inventorspot

Do you love wagyu beef? If so, you have the tiny Japanese island of Ishigaki to thank, because it’s where the calves that grow up to be your delicious wagyu (and Kobe, if they’re actually from Kobe) cuts originated.

Inventorspot tells the tale: In 2011, for another tourism event, Ishigaki organizers decided to try to break the Guinness World Record at the time—which was 8.74 meters (28.675 feet) set by some Texans.

Unfortunately, their meaty fate conspired against them, and a group of Lebanese overachievers set a record of 97.5 meters just THREE DAYS before Ishigaki’s meat skewer was set to go.

Not to be outdone, they also overcame some broken skewer drama—twice!—to craft their 107.6-meter long (353-foot-long) masterpiece in tender, delicious beef.

ArcelorMittal Newcastle Works’ 2047.47-meter-long (1.27 miles) Meat Monstrosity

The Guinness World Records official website currently lists this kebab as the world’s longest. Instead of creating it for a tourist attraction, South African company ArcelorMittal Newcastle Works created this meaty monolith for its annual Community Day festival on October 17, 2008.

[via IndiaTVNews, PeopleDaily]