The hamburger stands among the ranks of the hotdog and the doughnut as a classic American food staple. The original inventor of the burger is unknown—although, there are several contenders, including Louis Lassen (who is said to have been the first one to place the “hamburger steak sandwich” on the menu at Louis’ Lunch in New Haven). To whoever paved the way for modern hamburgers: we are eternally grateful.

Before digging into your next patty, brush up on 6 fascinating (and at times horrifying) facts about hamburgers. Read more at The Daily Meal:

1. The U.S. burger market is a $73 billion business, according to a study done by CHD Expert.

2. There are nearly 50,000 burger joints in the country. That’s 1.6 burger joints for every 10,000 Americans.

3. California has more burger joints than any other state. With 5,500 burger restaurants, Texas places second after California’s 6,000.

4. McDonald’s buys more than 1 billion pounds of beef each year. Seriously.

5. A single patty can be made from the meat of more than 1,000 cows. This happens because beef scraps are mixed communally during processing. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of E. coli contamination.

6. The Heart Attack Grill‘s “Quadruple Bypass Burger” is the most caloric burger in the world. The Bypass contains 9,982 calories, four monstrous two-pound beef patties, 20 slices of bacon, eight slices of cheese, and caramelized onions cooked in lard, all of which is soaked in more lard.

Photo: ABC News

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