Humans can’t resist cereal, and neither can bears.


A mama bear and her two cubs were discovered eating leftover Cocoa Krispies that they scavenged from a garbage can. The trash was located on the backyard patio of a home in Monrovia, California, an area that teems with wildlife. That’s why the residents weren’t surprised to witness this scene—the incident was just “the latest in a string of bear sightings in the area over the past few months,” reports KTLA5.

Resident Michael Kunch decided to film the bears from a distance, acknowledging that the bears have every right to wander into the neighborhood. He says that it’s the humans who have moved onto the wildlife’s turf, and that the bears deserve respect.

According to Kunch’s neighbor, Ashley Howie, the bears are especially active on trash days. Sympathizing with the foragers, she says,

“You can see the struggle and the need for food because of the drought up here. It’s kind of eliminating all of the vegetation that we have up here. So they are more desperate for food and water nowadays.”

Residents who are totally against the idea of having their garbage sifted through by bears really don’t have much of a choice: as witnessed in the video, keeping the bins locked up doesn’t seem to help.


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