Flushing, Queens-bred rapper/chef Action Bronson goes across the pond (or, as he calls it, “the land of dirty sex and cheap Chinese food”) for the third episode of his MUNCHIES series.

Bronsolini starts off his feasting tour at Kowloon bakery in London’s Chinatown, where he demolishes steamed barbecue pork buns (char siu bao) after removing their paper “diapers.” After that, Bam Bam’s on the hunt for “burning flesh spiced very expensively,” so he heads over to Lahore Kebab House to feast on perfectly grilled “Michael Jackson” lamb chops.

After asking locals to taste test fresh, yeasty bagels with salted beef from Beigel Bake, he chows down on some hearty scouse—basically a goulash of meat and potatoes—at Maggie May’s in Liverpool. He piles white rice and scouse atop sliced bread, and dubs it “White Trash Bruschetta.” (Technically, it should be called “chavvy bruschetta” but we’ll let it slide).

He ends the episode by cooking homemade “Henny wings” and coleslaw, then enjoying a traditional three-stew Nigerian dinner at author Jane Odiwe‘s house. Bam Bam appetit!


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