On June 29, the best cheesemongers in the country gathered at the 5th Annual Cheesemonger Invitational in Long Island City, Queens.

After a series of battles, the finals took place with the top 11 cheesemongers competing. The finalists were tasked with cutting the perfect 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2-pound portions of cheese on the fly as part of the final rounds of competition.

This year, Emily Acosta from Eataly came out on top—she made history as the first woman cheesemonger (and NYC cheesemonger) to win the award.

The monger battle is, of course, the main entertainment for CMI visitors. However, tickets entitled all attendees to feast on snacks like s’mores made with blue cheese, and gouda with tomato jam on a grits cookie. These were among the standout items for AMNewYork’s Alison Fox.

Take a look at the fromage-related festivities that went down at the event—from a raclette setup that used heat lamps to melt cheese onto boiled potatoes, to James Rutter from Neal’s Yard Dairy demoing how to properly break down a wheel of cheddar.

Cheeses like this raclette flowed freely.Photo: Instagram/@joannalmiller

Photo: Instagram/@joannalmiller

There were demos on how to break down wheels of Gruyere.

James Rutter of Neal’s Yard Dairy demoed how to properly open a wheel of cheddar.

The Truffle Cheese Shop came from Denver to represent.

Photo: Instagram/@denvertruffle

Photo: Instagram/@denvertruffle

Cheese porn everywhere!

Photo: Instagram/@thesofia

Photo: Instagram/@thesofia

Gothamist was slightly overwhelmed (in a good way).

There was even cheese ink.

…and blue cheese s’mores.

#CMI2014 Mascot Mr. Moo Opened The Ceremonies

Photo: Instagram/@meliss_smith

And here’s Emily Acosta, who spontaneously burst into song when she won.

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