It looks like Whole Foods Market is finally giving back to the community. The company is paying a heavy fine for committing “human error.” A consumer protection case was brought against California’s Whole Foods. Inspectors discovered the market was overcharging customers when “purchased foods weighed less than the label advertised and the weight of salad bar containers wasn’t subtracted at checkout.”

The grocery chain also sold prepared foods by the item, instead of by the pound, as instructed by the law.

As a punishment for not monitoring their internal procedures closely enough, Whole Foods will have to pay $210,000 to the city attorneys of Santa Monica, Los Angeles and San Diego, and another $100,000 to a weights and measurements enforcement fund, as well as reimburse any agencies that helped conduct the investigation.

Unfortunately, none of this money is going to the customers who got duped. We have to assume they don’t need it.

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