The FIFA World Cup starts tomorrow, which means global workplace productivity is about to nosedive for a month. Soccer is a religion in much of the world, and in this multicultural city, passions will be running high wherever fans gather to celebrate, commiserate, and hurl creative obscenities in foreign languages.

The New York Times has put out a map of the best places to watch the games based on which team you’re supporting. We cross referenced that list with FiveThirtyEight’s predictions for which squads are most likely to win the tournament, and came up with these essential viewing spots.


First match: Thursday June 12 at 4pm (Eastern), against Croatia
Where to watch: Williamsburg’s colorful Miss Favela is modeled after a Brazilian botequim (a neighborhood watering hole), and often has live samba music and dancers. You’d be wise to make a reservation as the place is regularly packed.

Photo: Loreley

Photo: Loreley


First match: Monday June 16 at 12pm, against Portugal
Where to watch: Loreley on the Lower East Side will be screening the games in their outdoor biergarten, so you can catch some rays while hoisting a liter stein of German brew, and rooting for Miroslav Klose to break Ronaldo’s record of 15 World Cup goals.


First match: Sunday June 15 at 6pm, against Bosnia and Herzegovina
Where to watch: Walter Coni, the owner of Boca Juniors Restaurant in Elmhurst, loves the beautiful game so much he named his steakhouse after a Buenos Aires soccer club. Come hungry and without your vegetarian friends.

Photo: Donostia

Photo: Donostia


First match: Friday June 13 at 3pm, against the Netherlands
Where to watch: Wake up nice and early to claim a barstool at Donostia, a diminutive pintxos (Basque-style tapas) and wine bar in the East Village. A word to the wise: The World Cup might be one of the only times you can refer to a Basque person as Spanish without offending them, but we still wouldn’t try it.


First match: Friday June 13 at 6pm, against Australia
Where to watch: Fancy it ain’t, but Astoria’s San Antonio Bakery 2 is nothing if not authentic. Try the completo, a classic Chilean hot dog piled with tomato, avocado, mayo and sauerkraut that comes in its own special stand, leaving your hands free for maximum gesticulatory expression.

[via the New York Times]

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