If you’re not up to date on the latest Second Amendment stupidity, let us catch you up. Over the last few weeks, members of the gun advocacy group Open Carry Texas have been walking into shops and restaurants carrying large rifles in a display of pro-firearm activism.

The publicity stunts usually resulted in them being asked to leave, as is the case in the video above, one of two clips that were posted on YouTube on May 19 (the other takes place in a Chili’s). In the video above, the restaurant manager evicts a group of men armed with military-style assault rifles. The clip shows them passing a children’s play area as they exit the restaurant, one of the men holding the hand of (presumably) his young daughter. “Nobody likes us,” laments the cameraman in the parking lot.

But things really came to a head after two protesters sauntered into a Dallas Chipotle carrying loaded AR-15s, prompting the chain to ban guns in its restaurants. Sonic and Chili’s quickly followed; they join the ranks of Starbucks, Wendy’s, Jack In The Box, and Applebee’s which already have a no firearms policy.

What no one was expecting was for the NRA to throw more fuel on the flame by condemning the open carry activists. In a shockingly reasonable statement on May 30, it called the public demonstrations “downright weird” and showing “a lack of consideration and manners.”


Open Carry Texas hit back by threatening to withdraw its support of the NRA unless it retracted its “disgusting and disrespectful comments.” And yesterday the NRA crumpled like a cheap suit, calling its earlier criticism a mistake that reflected the personal views of an individual staff member.

Open Carry Texas seems to have accepted the apology on Facebook, so gun nuts around the country can stop feeling like their parents are getting divorced and go back to scaring families who are just trying to eat their dinner.

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