In this video clip posted by the YouTube channel OBVS, Kraft Foods mustard brand Grey Poupon is the butt of a parody ad joke. Watch happy customers satisfyingly utter lines such as, “I Poupon my burger,” “I Poupon my kids’ lunches,” and “I Poupon my fingers.”

Just to add a little product info to all this insincerity—Grey Poupon is the manufacturer of whole-grain mustards and Dijon mustard, and originated in Dijon, France. American food distributor Heublein, Inc. acquired the rights to the brand, but later transferred it to Kraft Foods.

All joking aside, Grey Poupon did, in the late 1970s and ’80s, masterfully contribute to the rising popularity of other mustards outside of plain, American yellow mustard.

For your entertainment, here’s a similar video. Cleverly made by Kmart, it is titled, “Ship my Pants.”

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