For this week’s Grub Street Diet column, the site broke down seven days of eating with Darryl McDaniels. As it turns out, the member of the legendary rap group Run-D.M.C.—who’s also the founder of The Felix Organization for foster children and creative director of the annual Garden of Dreams talent show—loves protein shakes and doesn’t share his barbecue. Seriously, don’t touch the ribs. Here are the five best quotes from Grub Street‘s interview:

On why he doesn’t cook

“Every day as a kid, I had a four-course dinner, and I never had the same thing twice a week. I was never curious to cook for myself because my Mrs. McDaniels put it down. My wife hates that I don’t eat at home. My mom passed away and now I won’t have homemade food again until I go to heaven and meet up with her again.”

On his love of Hill Country BBQ

“I ordered the lean brisket, the ribs, some corn muffins, and some collard greens. I ordered to-go so that I could go home, turn the AC on, fluff up the pillows, grab a roll of paper towels, and sit down and enter barbecue heaven. I didn’t offer any to my family. If they want some, they’ve got to ask.”

On why it’s okay to eat dessert in the morning

“Sylvester Stallone said, ‘You can have all the dessert you want, as long as you eat it early in the day.’ So I took Sylvester’s advice and had red-velvet cake for dessert, and that’s how I have my cake and eat it too.”

On being diagnosed with acute pancreatitis

“The doctor asked me, ‘How many cans of beer do you drink a day?’ And I was like, ‘A day? A case of 40-ounce Old English malt liquor.’ I was in the hospital for a month and a half. When I got out of the hospital, I went cold turkey and started working out and now it’s kind of bad, because I’ve replaced the alcohol with the working out.”

On his love of Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies

“I buy them at Whole Foods and the Vitamin Shoppe. All the New York and Jersey Vitamin Shoppes know me. As soon as I walk in they either go, ‘We got your cookies, D!’ or ‘No, we don’t have any this week.'”

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