Skip to 3:30 to hear Choi’s Twitter philosophy—but watch the whole video, because it’s great.

Roy Choi, a.k.a. “Papi Chulo,” the L.A.-based badass chef and creator of the Korean-inspired taco truck Kogi, gave an interview on Last Call with Carson Daly. In it, he talks about the new movie Chef (directed, written by, and starring Jon Favreau), and also asserts his unapologetic views about Twitter.

In the movie, Favreau plays a chef whose storyline closely mirrors Choi’s road to culinary success, as well as his role as a pioneer of the food truck movement. In addition to being a chef with ninja knife skills, Choi is sharp-tongued, witty, and incredibly comfortable with laying down described to us previously. To Choi, Twitter is a platform on which he can exude absolute honesty. He says,

“I say whatever I want on Twitter, so like, for me, it’s always a blessing, you know? Like, because I can just talk smack all day long—but, it’s honest, you know? And I feel like the honesty is something that is a part of Kogi, is a part of who I am, and is a part of this real, electric connection that we have with each other.”

Choi goes on to explain that Twitter allows him the freedom to be connected at all times. Twitters dynamism lies in its ability to engage eaters with the Kogi food truck and to have them play, in his words, a little “scavenger hunt” throughout Los Angeles.

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