Speaking of food-related Kickstarters, writer and politico Adrian Miller, dubbed the “Soul Food Scholar,” has recently had his Kickstarter campaign fully funded. His documentary, titled The President’s Kitchen Cabinet: A Hidden History of African American Chefs, will explore the stories and recipes in the White House kitchen, with an in-depth look at the legacy of African American presidential chefs.

presidentskitchenThe documentary will “provide a groundbreaking, entertaining and detailed look at these chefs, their intricate personal and professional relationships with the presidents, the first families, their cooking equipment and techniques, and the mouth-watering recipes for which they were celebrated.”

The film pulls its research and sources from cookbooks, historical documents, oral histories, magazines, newspapers, interviews with former White House chefs and staffers, and photographs of the presidential kitchens and dining spaces.

In addition, it will reveal secrets like which president had a great love for pigs’ feet, and which cook used to grill steaks on the roof of the White House with President Eisenhower.

Miller and his team are hoping for the documentary to air on President’s Day/Black History Month in 2016.

[via Kickstarter, Eater]

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