Attention, burger lovers and breakfast-food enthusiasts: A new, ingenious breakfast burger mash-up creation is here to tease and entice.

The “I Can Haz Pop Tart” burger comes courtesy of the PornBurger food blog, which has previously gifted us burgers like the cajun spiced shrimp Snookie Monster and the kale patty Kaleesi Burger.

Annoyingly, there is no recipe available yet. Mark our words: We’ll have some serious beef with “burger pervert” and blog creator Mathew Ramsey if it doesn’t come out soon. However, we do know that the Pop Tart burger consists of a sesame seed Pop Tart pastry shell, cheddar cheese, a grass-fed beef patty, and bacon jam.

The Huffington Post provides recipes for you to follow in your attempt to recreate the heavenly meat pocket. See here for Four & Twenty Blackbirds‘ famous all-butter pie crust,  and here for chipotle-infused bacon jam, courtesy of Food52.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some other questionable (but amazing) forms burgers have taken throughout history:

Burger King Whopper

…with 1,050 bacon strips
[Photo: RocketNews24]

Dude Foods’ Lasagna Burger

[Photo: Dude Foods]

The Fatty Melt

A burger, a patty melt, and two grilled cheese sandwiches

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