New Yorkers were pretty broken up about the death of Gray’s Papaya. We can’t lie, it was like someone was kicking the city in its collective stomach when a juice bar opened up in its place.

But the world of awesome, cheap hot dogs is looking up: Papaya King is hitting the streets of NYC with a truck. All-beef, naturally cased, always grilled hot dogs will be available, alongside juices in flavors like papaya, mango, and piña colada.

Owner Wayne Rosenbaum tells New York Daily News, “We’ll be a tropical oasis in the concrete jungle.”

New growth. New life. A new hot dog truck hitting the streets of Midtown Manhattan on June 23rd. Follow @PapayaKingTruck on Twitter to find out where the truck is parked each day.

The project has been underway for awhile. Here’s what the truck looked like when it was a work in progress:


And here’s the finished product:


Here’s the staff getting ready to serve hot dogs to the masses:

PKFT at work

Here’s the menu:

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.48.25 PM

And here’s what you’ll see on June 23rd when you’re walking up the street to get in line:


It’s heartening to see Papaya King run all over the idea that skyrocketing rents can drive such classic institutions away.

Go, PK. Go.

[via New York Daily News]